Login to the Administrator area

It is a good idea to create a folder in your computer for each property you want sell or rent. 
For properties for sale, put the folder name as s1, s2, s3 etc. 
The images of the property s1 should be s1-1, s1-2, s1-3 etc
For properties to rent, put the folder name as r1, r2, r3 etc.
The images of the property r1 should be r1-1, r1-2, r1-3 etc

Here you learn to add a property into the site. There are three stages for this.

  1. Optimize the images to your required size
  2. Upload the images into the site
  3. Create the page by blending images and content

1. Optimize images

You can use photoshop or free image editing software like https://www.gimp.org to resize and optimise large images in your computer.
Or you can use an online image optimizer like  http://www.imageoptimizer.net 
The image width should not exceed 700px. Height can be proportionate. or make it 460px. It is better to use horizontally oriendted images to give a good layout experience.

2. Upload images 

Go to Administrator>System>Media

Click 'Crate New Folder' button from top
Here you are creating an image folder for a property. For properties for sale, put the folder name as s1, s2, s3 etc.
For properties to rent, put the folder name as r1, r2, r3 etc.
Input the folder name and click 'Create Folder' button.
Now we are creating peorperty for rent. So the name of the folder is r1
Click open the folder you have created
Now you have to upload the images for that property into this folder from your computer.

The images for property r1 should be named as r1-1, r1-2, r1-3, r1-4 etc


3. Create the Page/Article


Every page is an Article in this site.
Now you have to create an Article for each property you want to rent or sell.
So go to top menu Content>Article
You will see the list of all Articles
You may open the latest Article
Click 'Save as Copy' button from top
Now you get the New copied Article you just created.
Change the Title
Change the name of the image folder inside the code {gallery}r1{/gallery}
When listing more than one articles together, it is good to show only a part of each article and place a 'Read More' button
So place the 'Read More' button immediately below the gallery
Thus a red line is created in the edit window by doing this, but in the public page you will see the 'Read More' button in the place of the red line
Chage all content to match with the new property.


4. Adding Property Address, Value and and Featured image

Go to 'Property' tab from the top
Add property address you want to show
Put the value of the property as shown
Then select the Featured image from the same image folder. Featured image is the main image shown before the gallery. 


5. Before you publish

Go to the right side of the edit page, change status from Red button 'Unpublished' to Green 'Published'
Make sure Tag on the right site is correct. For For sale properties, the tag must be 'For Sale' and for To Rent properties, the tag must be 'To Rent'
You can type the first letter of the tab, the tab will appear.
Click the green 'Save' button at the top
Now the new page is published.


How to View your email on the web and reset password

Go to https://www.stackmail.com/ in your computer or mobile

login using email address and existing password.

You will see all your emails and folders here. 

If you want to reset your password, you have login on a computer itself ( not on a mobile)

On top right of the window you will see Settings button

You will see a set of menu appearing on the left side of the page

You will see 'Password' link at the bottom

Change your password here.

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